Aims and Objectives

Тhe main aim and objective of the project is tо obtain biologically active malt from Einkorn for use in the food industry – brewing, baking and confectionary and to disseminate the knowledge via the VET system in Bulgaria and abroad. There is evidence for the use of Einkorn flour in the baking industry, but there is no data on the use of Einkorn as malt. This statement is based on consultations with Union of brewers in Bulgaria ( ) and other professional partners of the Agricultural academy. The methodology which will be transferred is most appropriate for malting of the variety of einkorn in Bulgaria. Obtaining biologically active malt from Einkorn is new to our country. Different modes of malting and brewing will be tested.

It as well focuses efforts on a new type of products (for the particular purpose beer and bread) based on the revival of an ancient wheat variety – einkorn, the transfer of a specific technology for its processing and its application in systems for professional education and training between Bulgarian and foreign partners. Einkorn is a very old grain crop with proven qualities but less in yield. This project will consolidate the relations between business and the system for professional education and training (SPET), by transfer, adapting and application of a methodology for developing of a brewing einkorn in the frame of the Education program of the Cebter for professional training of the Agricultural Academy – Sofia and all other interested parties, by development of a program for professional training and creation of qualified specialists in the field of agriculture and food industry, which will lead to an increase of employment. In addition the project aims at a contribution to the health status of the population, owing to the low content of gluten in einkorn and its applicability in organic plant growing (obesity, overcoming of the dependence to accept given substances by some individuals needing a special diet, the consumption of biological products).

Objective of task № 1 is an assessment to be made of the economic and brewing technological characteristics of einkorn, grown in the East Rhodopes and to be created technologies for malting and brewing.

Objective of task № 2 is obtaining of bread and confectionery products from einkorn.