Petkom – Petko Angelov

Petkom – Petko Angelov is a small company dealing with organic agriculture and ecotourism in the Eastern Rhodopes. As stated in the title of the company, it’s a single trader company with one manager, but also dealing with of research and development of bio products, their promotion and usage in the wide industry. He also deals with alternative tourism and it is organizer of the first bread festival in Bulgaria, including a contest for best einkorn product. Petkom ST has long history of dealing with einkorn as well as einkorn production. As it is stated in the project, Petkom ST is involved in project coordination and management. In that regard the Project manager- Petko Angelov has proven experience of management of the company and particularly significant are his master degree of management and his previous experience of einkorn cultivation started from 1999. Petkom ST, has selected appropriate project team that has rich experience in management of EU projects, as well as LLL and LdV projects special.