Research Institute of Brewing and Malting has been involved in research of malting grade barley, barley and malt health suitability, substances contained in barley grains, malt and beer which are important for the human health (vitamins, antioxidants) and enzymes affecting production technology and flavor of the final product. The RIBM cooperates with the malting industry, brewing institutes and the Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture while assessing new malting barley varieties. Each year the quality of barley samples taken from many sites in the Czech Republic is being evaluated. The Institute also analyses technologies for malt production from other cereals and pseudo-cereals both for brewing and non-brewing uses. It also performs analysis of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, foodstuffs and raw materials of plant origin. The RIBM collaborates with many Czech and Slovak universities and other research institutes.

The Research Institute of Brewing and Malting is actively working in the area of professional education and training. Individual training programs are ensured by high quality lectors possessing both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Some of these programs are intended for professionals but many others are useful also for the general public. The programs are continuously complemented by new knowledge, both theoretical and practical. The courses take place in well-equipped lecture halls and laboratories and make use of the corresponding technological background. Within the frames of ESF the RIBM launched in 2006 the project Brewing School.